Gisborne skinny dippers break world record

More than 500 people helped smash the world record for skinny dippers at Midway Beach in Gisborne this afternoon.

Thousands of spectators turned out to see 506 people take to the water, beating the previous record of 413 set in Wales.

The attempt was part of the BW Camping Festival, run in conjunction with Rhythm & Vines.

Festival manager Toby Burrows said there was a great turnout and everyone who took part of offered their support was in good spirits.

"We were overwhelmed with how respectful and well behaved the skinny dippers and spectators were."

Luke Taplin from radio station ZM, which co-hosted the event, roused an estimated 14,000 campers. Police and surf lifeguards were also on hand.

Skinny dip participant and promoter Anna Jobsz said she couldn't believe they'd broken the record.

"It's so exciting to be part of a world record and to know that we did it in Gisborne, with a great group of people."


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