Kiwi kayaker attempting Tasman crossing

A New Zealand man has embarked on his second attempt to cross the Tasman Sea by kayak.

Scott Donaldson, 43, left Coffs Harbour on the NSW coast on Saturday and is aiming at landing in Taranaki "as they are a good bunch", but conceded on a website chronicling his latest attempt that it may be up to the wind as to his final landing site.

He had to abandon an attempt last May after his kayak filled with water two days into his adventure.

Mr Donaldson, from Rotorua, said his aim is to row the Tasman "solo in record time and an immediate return crossing as a kayak solo in a world first event".

He said he is attempting the task to "raise awareness, in partnership with the Asthma foundation, of the importance of increasing aerobic activity levels in our day to day lives".

This year's attempt was a "much more low key no distraction approach", he wrote on his 'Double Ditch' Facebook page.

In 2008, Australians James Castrission and Justin Jones made history when they became the first people to successfully kayak from Australia to New Zealand.

The pair also set the record for the longest ocean crossing by a two-man kayak. Their adventure took 62 days.

In 2007, Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley was presumed to have drowned after attempting to kayak solo across the Tasman.


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- Brendan Manning of APNZ

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