Life is a beach during Kiwi summer

New Zealand beaches hold the preferred summer activities, sounds and smells of most New Zealanders, a national survey reveals.

Tourism Bay of Plenty surveyed 1033 New Zealanders to determine the most loved aspects of the Kiwi summer.

Respondents rated being at the beach their favourite summer activity.

Women were more likely to swim and sunbathe than men, although in total 34% of respondents voted swimming and sunbathing at the beach their top summer holiday activity.

About 20% said enjoying food and wine was their favourite summer pastime, while reading and doing nothing were both preferred by 12% of respondents.

Men were almost three times more likely than women to enjoy water sports.

Asked about their favourite summer smell, 32% of respondents said the beach or sea air, and 30% said a barbecue.

Freshly cut grass was the third most enjoyed summer smell (10%) and twice as many women as men chose flowers as their favourite summer aroma.

The sound of waves on the beach was top of the list for 42% of respondents, followed by birds' dawn chorus (19%) and a running river or stream (16%).

Less than 5% of respondents said their favourite summer activities involved electronic or cultural entertainment.


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