Weather boosts Northland cannabis crop

While those veges in the garden will be bolting with the warm rain, so too will the cannabis crops of Northland drug growers.

Warm weather combined with rain equates to excellent growing conditions, and police are urging people to report behaviour that could be connected to illegal drug growing.

Northland Detective Sergeant John Miller said police had been following up tips left with the anonymous Crimestoppers phoneline service.

While the rain meant less watering for growers, they would still be putting fertiliser on plants and fencing off plots in the bush.

"People need to report anything suspicious to us," Mr Miller said.

National deputy police commissioner Mike Bush, said one in four pieces of information given to Crimestoppers was forwarded to police for assessment of its intelligence value.

Since October 2009, information from Crimestoppers had been responsible for, or contributed to, almost 700 charges being laid against 250 people.

To contact Crimestoppers, call 0800 555 111 or use the secure web form at

- Kristin Edge of the Northern Advocate

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