Woman rescued after 'floating in nothingness'

A woman has been rescued after at least nine hours "in the middle of nothingness" in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour.

The 23-year-old from Birkdale, North Shore spent the night in the water with nothing to hold onto.

She was reported missing late yesterday but aerial searches overnight could not find her.

The police Eagle helicopter resumed searching about 7.45am today and she was soon spotted in the water about 1km from Takapuna beach, barely keeping her head above water.

The police launch Deodar was directed to her and she was returned to the Marine Rescue Centre from where she was taken to Auckland Hospital.

One of the Eagle crew members said there were no buoys or marker-posts in the immediate area the young woman could have held on to.

"She was just in the middle of nothingness."


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