Anti-MMP campaigner resigns amid supremacist allegations

A founding member of a campaign to ditch the MMP voting system has resigned amid allegations he was involved in a white supremacist group.

Vote for Change founding member Alex Fogerty was previously a site administrator for the white nationalist group Australian New Nation, blogger Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury revealed yesterday.

Vote for Change, launched last week, aims to persuade voters to opt for change in the electoral referendum to be held at the same time as the November 26 general election.

In a statement yesterday the group said the allegations against Mr Fogerty "appear to be true and he will be asked to resign his membership immediately, or have his membership revoked if he chooses not to resign".

The group thanked Bradbury for bringing the allegation to its attention and said it would not comment further "on this unfortunate matter".

Vote for Change spokesman Jordan Williams today confirmed Mr Fogerty was no longer a member.

Bradbury yesterday said on his Tumeke blog that it would be "intellectually skanky" for Mr Fogerty to be involved in the campaign.

"If what Alex Fogerty has said to me is true ... isn't it intellectually skanky to allow white supremacists to take an active role in a campaign to dismantle MMP which in turn leads to less political diversity?"


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