More than 900 signed up for Internet Party

Kim Dotcom's Internet Party claims to have signed up more than 900 voters since launching its membership drive yesterday and aims to submit its registration application to the Electoral Commission on Monday.

"Having gone 'live' at midday yesterday, the target of 500 people signed up was achieved at 7pm on the day and has continued to climb to more than 800 today" the party said this afternoon.

Internet Party chief executive Vikram Kumar said membership details were now being checked before submission to the Electoral Commission.

"We're working hard to have this done by Monday."

The commission will then verify those members before the party is officially registered, a process expected to take about six week.

Mr Kumar said there had also been "a huge response" from people who wanted to work for the party as volunteers.

"We've also had strong interest from people wanting to join the party as candidates."

The party was launched yesterday at Dotcom's Coatesville mansion in rural Auckland and has released some high level policy. Apart from the previously indicated emphasis on cheaper faster internet, the party also wants to see the introduction of a government sponsored digital currency.

Mr Kumar said the party wanted to see a fundamental change in New Zealand's intelligence and surveillance regime, including a withdrawal from the US led "five eyes" intelligence sharing network.

Because he is not a New Zealand citizen, Mr Dotcom cannot stand as a candidate in his own party. He is also facing a bid to extradite him by US authorities to face copyright, money laundering and racketeering charges.

- By Adam Bennett of the New Zealand Herald

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