PM 'painfully out of touch' on housing

Metiria Turei
Metiria Turei
Prime Minister John Key's belief that low income New Zealanders can one day own a home is insulting, the Green Party says.

The party said Kiwis have been  priced out of the market by the Government's inaction on housing.

Co-leader Metiria Turei said Mr Key was "painfully out of touch" if he thought low and middle income Aucklanders would ever be able to afford to buy a home when the price of a house was going up by $1000 a week, and the mortgage repayment on a median priced house was $830 a week.

"The National Government's ideological opposition to public investment in housing is holding back Auckland and driving up inequality which is hurting young New Zealanders and the economy."

Ms Turei said a state home building programme could house those who needed a safe, warm state home, and provide a path to ownership for those priced out of the market now.

"Bricks and mortar, not empty pie-in-the-sky hopes, are what's needed in Auckland," she said.


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