Global Insight: 'Diplomacy needed' to end Myanmar violence

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Escalating violence in Myanmar could convince global players to get more involved, Professor Robert Patman believes.

Most of the world has watched on as the Southeast Asian nation has descended in to civil war following the military overthrow of the legitimate government in February last year.

But increasing violence by the army junta, including the recent execution of four pro-democracy figures and attacks on ethnic-minority opposition groups, could nudge China and other nations to do more to bring peace, the international relations specialist told Global Insight.

‘‘Ultimately, we need diplomacy. But we don’t have enough willing actors, and influential actors, to make that happen,’’ Prof Patman, said.

‘‘If the military are seen to be failing in the civil war, [China] ... may become a more constructive partner.’’

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Prof Patman also addressed the army’s violent repression of Myanmar citizens, Asean and the United Nations’ failure to bring positive change, China and Russia’s support for the regime and why people should care about what is happening in Myanmar.