The steepest Street in the world?

Harlech Castle. Photo: Dick Richardson
Harlech Castle. Photo: Dick Richardson

Hello to you all in New Zealand.

Last weekend I made the long journey from my home here in the North of Scotland all the way down to the town of Harlech in North Wales to see the street which as you all know has now been awarded the title “Steepest Street in the World” by the Guinness Book of Records. 

Not a patch on Baldwin Street in Dunedin as the one in Harlech looks just like a quaint old country lane with lots of twists and bends. You Kiwis should appeal against this most unfair ruling, and that last statement for mine is written with a wry smile, as although I’ve lived up near Inverness for the past thirty years I am not Scottish but Welsh !

This letter written to brighten the day of my Kiwi friends both here in the UK but also in the South Island of New Zealand. 

  - Dick Richardson


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