Irish Home Rule postponed

Guide and explorer Donald Sutherland’s accommodation at Milford Sound, well known to tourists on...
Guide and explorer Donald Sutherland’s accommodation at Milford Sound, well known to tourists on the overland track. — Otago Witness, 16.12.1919.
The introduction of Home Rule for Ireland, has been postponed.

The Morning Post says there was a sharp division of opinion in the Cabinet upon the scheme for a Parliament with a Senate containing an equal number of representatives for each as a connecting link. The chief difference of opinion is one regarding finance and the control of the Customs and Excise duties by Parliament at Westminster. The Dublin police raided the houses of all leading Sinn Feiners, including Count Plunket, Mr Arthur Griffiths, Mr Tom Kelly, M.P., and Mrs Thomas Clarke, whose husband was executed in 1916; but the Sinn Feiners were not at home. They evidently had a hint to expect the police, so what arrests were made were unimportant. An armed vessel arrived at Kingston, and embarked a number of Sinn Fein prisoners. Strong military precautions were taken. Troops in full marching order guarded the dock. The prisoners arrived in motor lorries, guarded by tanks and armoured motor cars. The vessel soon afterwards departed, it is understood, for England. The prisoners came from other parts of Ireland than Dublin, where the round-up occurred.

Weather affects surf-bathing

So far as it has gone, the present surf-bathing season has been marked by most unfavourable weather, and on Saturday afternoon, when the official opening of the Pacific Surf-bathing and Life-saving Club was held, the conditions were dull and unattractive. In these circumstances the ceremony was purely formal, and was confined to a brief speech by Mr T. K. Sidey (the club’s patron), who referred to the healthful nature of the pastime, and to the progress which the club has made during recent years. He also touched upon the means which are being taken to protect the beach by means of groynes, and stated that he would do all in his power to assist any measures which would prevent the disastrous erosion which was at present taking place. He concluded by officially declaring the season open and by wishing the members a satisfactory and successful season.

Southland farmers adopt cars

There was ample evidence on Wednesday that the Southland farmer has taken to the motor car as a means of getting into town and home again (says the Southland Times). In the town blocks of Tay street and Esk street, the Crescent, and Dee street between Tay street and Spey street there were 250 cars standing at the kerb at 11 a.m. when they were counted by a Times reporter. In addition hundreds of cars were in motion and there were scores at the Show ground.

Allanton school social evening

The annual Allanton Public School concert and dance was held in the Public Hall on Friday evening, and was the most successful concert held for many years. Great credit is due to the sole teacher (Miss E. Shea) for the successful items given by her pupils, who received an encore for every item. Mr C. Barlow acted as chairman, in the absence of the school committee chairman (Mr Callander), a task he suitably filled. Mrs T. Wilkins officiated at the piano, and Miss E. Duff, Mrs Douglas, Miss V. Kovaleski, Mr A. Docherty, Mr W. Roxbrough, Mrs Paterson, and Mr Buchanan contributed items. — ODT, 15.12.1919.



Sidey Times.

StClair, not PA,

The conditions are dull and unattractive, the women anything but. Talk about whooar!

Fortuitously, we are in the new Georgian era, where readers are more tolerant of linear innuendo.