Anniversary Day: variety in observance

Otago Anniversary Day is once again providing the annual dose of confusion about what will be open, and what will not.

The annual public holiday celebrates the establishment of Otago's provincial government on March 23, 1852.

Despite that date, the anniversary is officially celebrated on the closest Monday, which this year is March 21.

But many observe it at Easter, which leaves Otago residents wondering which public services and businesses will be recognising the annual holiday on Monday.

The Dunedin City Council, Waitaki District Council, Central Otago District Council and Balclutha District Council offices will be closed, but council offices in Wanaka and Queenstown will be doing business as usual.

All pools and libraries in the region will be open, except in Balclutha, where they will be closed. All rubbish will be collected as usual except in Alexandra and Oamaru, where it will be collected on Tuesday.

Major retailers throughout the region, and supermarkets will also be open, as will district courts in Dunedin and Queenstown.

But in Dunedin, at least, some cafes, bars and restaurants have opted to remain closed, as will all banks in the region.

For some Otago school pupils, Otago Anniversary Day will mean a day off school. But not all schools observe the public holiday.

The Ministry of Education allows individual schools to decide whether they observe the public holiday on Monday or at Easter.

All Otago Daily Times offices will be closed on Monday.


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