All the different parts make a whole

Photo: Tom Kitchin
Photo: Tom Kitchin
Alexandra Primary School pupils (from left) Sophie Wilson (13), Jenna Airey (12), Evie Clearwater (12), Claudia Hammond (12) and Ruby Nevill (12) celebrate the completion of a new school mural to raise awareness of diversity in the community.

The mural was made in conjunction with Sticks’n Stones,  a local pupil-led cyberbullying prevention programme.

The idea came from a book called Only One You, by American author Linda Kranz.

The school’s senior team leader, Tiffany Kemp, said nearly all  the 205 pupils at the school painted a rock, and the rocks were assembled to form the fish in the mural.

"Each student painted their own rock to show diversity, but we’re all looking for a common goal."

The mural took about four months to complete.

Year 7 pupil Claudia Hammond said her classmates were proud of the work they put in.

"Everyone loves it. We get a lot of the community coming to have a look."

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