Closer watch over littered leisure spot

The stripped remains of a van near the Lower Manorburn Dam. Photo by Barrie Willis.
The stripped remains of a van near the Lower Manorburn Dam. Photo by Barrie Willis.

A makeshift motorbike track, stripped vehicles, burnt tyres and animal carcases are littering a popular Alexandra leisure spot.

Manorburn Recreation Reserve Committee secretary and Central Otago District councillor Barrie Wills said locals noticed a digger near the Lower Manorburn Dam on Friday. . The committee later discovered the machine had been used to build a motocross track.

The area is on council reserve land near the Lower Manorburn Dam, which during cold winters is a popular natural ice-skating and curling area.

"The bloody cheek of it, to go out and dig up council land.

"People have burnt tyres and thrown them on the ice ... and there are animal carcases there.''

There was also electrical wiring and other rubbish on the land, he said.

"It's frustrating. It's an area where families go.''

The area was largely without issue for the last few years but it was "suddenly'' hit recently, he said.

The council would work to keep the area 'clean and tidy'', he said.

"We want to keep it open, but if push comes to shove we'll have to lock the gates.''

Finding who dug the track would probably not be difficult, but finding who had dumped the car might be, Dr Wills said.

Senior Sergeant Ian Kerrisk, of Alexandra, said police would have a greater presence in the area because of the incidents. Anyone who saw suspicious action around the dam or knew anything about the incidents should contact police or the council, he said.

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