Clyde buildings to be set for Chinese film

Clyde is set to feature in an international film. PHOTO: ADAM BURNS
Clyde is set to feature in an international film. PHOTO: ADAM BURNS
Historic Clyde landmarks are set to feature in an international film production which begins shooting in the Central Otago town next week.

Both the Clyde Historic Precinct and Clyde Bridge will be used by film-makers. About 110 to 120 people are expected for the scheduled 10-day shoot.

Specifics of the film's size and budget are being kept secret but it has been confirmed as a feature-length Chinese production.

Oliver's owner David Ritchie said the restaurant and bar would be closed for two weeks between June 17 and July 1 as the building's interior was being used for filming.

Mr Ritchie said the film-maker in charge of the production was a "very famous Chinese director''.

"It's a big plus for Clyde.

"It's in the middle of winter, almost the quietest time before school holidays.''

Mr Ritchie said other spots area would also be used during filming but he did not know where.

"The interesting thing is Clyde is actually Clyde. It's not like [the film-makers] are using Clyde as an unnamed town.''

He also said the film was a "true story based on someone's life''.

Filmscouts New Zealand director Clayton Tikao confirmed a crew of about 110 to 120 people would be in Clyde for 10 days.

He could not comment further on the film itself.

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan said he was aware of the film and the prospect was very exciting.

"A large film production coming to town in the off-season, bringing people for meals and accommodation into the district is a really great thing.''

Tourism Central Otago media and marketing manager Alison Mason said the production offered a positive opportunity for the region.

A Central Otago District Council spokeswoman said the Clyde Bridge would be closed for about five hours on Friday, June 21.

A detour would be in place via the Clyde Dam and "five-minute delays'' were possible after the bridge-closure window.

Local businesses and property owners affected by production had been notified by film producers and traffic management would be operating around Oliver's, a council spokeswoman said.

The wider region has been a film location hot spot in recent times.

There were 193 productions in the area during the 2017 financial year.

Tom Cruise blockbuster Mission: Impossible - Fallout moved its $178million production to Central Otago for filming in 2017.


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