Detailed map of dangerous poles - Central Otago and Queenstown

The Otago Daily Times has been leaked a detailed map showing the location of dangerous power poles in Central Otago and Queenstown.

Click on the corresponding number below the large map for a more detailed street by street view of where dangerous power poles are located.

The poles, which are part of Aurora Energy's network, are made up of a mix of  "condition zero'' poles, which means they could fall down without any environmental influences and need to be replaced within three months and "condition one poles''  not fit for design load, which means they could fall down if the wind blows and needed to be replaced within 12 months.

Graphic: ODT
Graphic: ODT


  1. Alexandra
  2. Cromwell
  3. Frankton
  4. Queenstown
  5. Wanaka 

What should you do if there is a dangerous power pole near you?

  • Call Aurora Energy and ask for details about the condition of the pole/s and ask about its replacement plans.
  • Look out for movement over time, swaying in the wind, cracking, and the tension on the lines to your house increasing to the point where the barge board is damaged.
  • Contact Aurora immediately if you notice any of the above happening.
  • Consider not parking your car next to a damaged pole. 

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