Dreams of a golden future

Photo: Jono Edwards
Photo: Jono Edwards
Young prospectors Liam Sangster (left, 6) and Evie King (6), of Cromwell's Goldfields Primary School, try to make their fortunes gold-panning in Lake Dunstan yesterday.

Liam said he mastered the technique of sloshing the gravel around until heavier precious metals dropped to the bottom.

''I haven't found anything so far, but I'll keep looking.''

He was among about 100 Goldfields Primary pupils who panned for gold and rode in a horse and carriage as part of an Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust initiative at Cromwell's heritage precinct.

Trust secretary Terry Davis said it was about getting children excited about the area's goldmining history. It aimed to try similar initiatives at all Central Otago primary schools. 

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