Hunter died from rock-face fall

Otago-Southland coroner David Crerar has found Matthew John Laing (23), soldier, of Alexandra, died in the Rob Roy Valley, Mount Aspiring National Park, on January 7, 2012, as a result of injuries from a fall.

His body was found by a helicopter search and rescue team on a very steep rock face below a series of bluffs on the western face of Rob Roy.

Written findings from a Coroners Court hearing in Alexandra in October were released yesterday.

Mr Crerar said it was likely Mr Laing had slipped on loose or slippery rocks while hunting chamois alone, and had fallen at least 100m over rocks.

Mr Crerar said it was acceptable for Mr Laing to have been where he was at the time.

''He was fit. He was experienced. He was well equipped,'' Mr Crerar said.

''Unfortunately, the terrain he was traversing was unforgiving.

''His slight miscalculation has had the tragic consequences disclosed in evidence.''

Mr Crerar said Mr Laing's injuries from the fall had been ''immediately lethal''.

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