Forrester Gallery director Chloe Searle has a go at erasing artwork from a chalkboard that is part of new exhibit Good as Gold by Maggie Covell at Forrester Gallery.

It is one of four new exhibitions on display at Forrester Gallery.

"Good as Gold", by Maggie Covell, "Recover the Land", by Robert Scott, "Yesterday’s Journeys", by Inge and Marc Doesburg, as well a series of pieces from the gallery’s collection titled "Under Pressure" all opened last weekend.

"Good as Gold" features a series of chalkboards with art drawn on in chalk.

The exhibition also has erasers available and people are invited to erase as much or as little of the artwork as they like.

However, they are cautioned they could be contributing to "a long-entangled history of women’s narratives and voices being erased and silenced", a plaque accompanying the art explains.

Fans of Covell and Scott’s work will have a chance to meet the artists next month.

Covell will speak at an event at the gallery while Scott is holding a workshop on painting landscapes.

There is a fee for the workshop and places can be booked through Forrester Gallery.