Stage two of canal work imminent

Genesis Energy has confirmed that a multimillion-dollar project to plug leaks in the lining of the Tekapo power canal will restart within weeks.

A two-phase project to re-line the canal began in January when European contractors were brought in to install a lining to solve issues with leaks dating back to the 1970s.

Stage one of the project, to repair a 5km stretch of the 26.5km canal, which links the Tekapo A and B power houses owned by Genesis Energy, finished in April and Genesis public affairs manager Richard Gordon said the second phase, to repair another 2km section, would begin on January 7.

Mr Gordon said the canal would be closed for 10 weeks.

''During that time. a section of the canal known as the Maryburn Fill will be dewatered and there will be no power generation from Tekapo A or B power stations.''

''We are still aiming at a total cost of between $145 million and $155 million. Due to the type of contracts we have, the final cost won't be confirmed until the project is completed.''

Works this summer would also include upgrades to bridges over the canal.


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