Trailride fundraiser a community win

Pupils at Five Forks School are gearing up for their annual Five Forks Trail ride fundraiser next...
Pupils at Five Forks School are gearing up for their annual Five Forks Trail ride fundraiser next weekend. PHOTO: JULES CHIN
Get your legs a pumpin’, head out on the trail-way — the annual Five Forks Foothills Trailride will be held next weekend.

While you might not be born to be wild there is plenty that anyone with a mountainbike can look forward to.

School principal Belinda Brosnan said this year the annual trailride fundraiser in Raupo Rd will still have all the well-loved tracks, plus some new additions and added twists to make it an interesting ride.

"There’s the easy peewee and gentle junior and family tracks to the challenging intermediate and advanced tracks and some exciting new advanced sections," she said.

Five Forks pupils George Smith and Ruby Williams, both 12, were looking forward to "the new bits" on the track.

Ruby will be riding her two-wheeler on the intermediate track for the second time and her younger sister Imogen, 10, said she was going side by side on the family track this year and "it’s gonna be fun".

Reed Stenton, 9, excitedly said he would "get to go on the intermediate track for the first time".

"It’s a huge community event that brings all of our school together," Mrs Brosnan said.

Last year the school raised $28,000 from the fundraising event to help support the community bike track development on the school grounds.

It also received $10,000 from the Otago Regional Council and funds from North Otago Sustainable Land Management.

"[Since then] we’ve had all the digger work done, the fence removed and the community has worked hard on it as well," Mrs Brosnan said.

The three-year development project will create a community space "for all of the Five Forks community and surrounds" to enjoy.

Funds raised from the trailride will go towards the next step in the development.

"[We’ll be] developing it plant-wise, fencing boundaries and track-marking.

"There is vegetation to clear, spraying and maintenance . . .

"Local farmers have helped with their tractors.

"We’re always very grateful for all our sponsors. Year after year we have people coming back to support us and new sponsors coming on board as well," Mrs Brosnan said.

"Last year it was fun in the mud, but this year it will be fun in the sun."

More than 700 people attended the trail ride last year. She is hopeful numbers will increase further.

"We grow every year, so this is going to be the biggest yet".

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