Trains could be used to carry schoolchildren

Trains could be used to transport school children on the Palmerston line again - but to sporting and cultural events, not to school each day.

The Taieri Gorge Railway trains could be used to take pupils from coastal schools to combined East Otago primary schools events at Palmerston.

Six summer and winter field and track sports events including swimming sports for East Otago primary schools junior and senior classes are held at Pal-merston.

Six primary schools at present hire buses to attend the primary school sports and swimming events at Palmerston.

The bus cost hire cost of $300 plus per trip to Palmerston is not economic for a school class, Warrington School principal Nathan Parker said.

He is following up on an idea that the Taieri Gorge Railway lay on a special Seasider train picking up children from along the coastal route to Palmerston.

Taieri Gorge Railway chief operating officer Murray Bond said the railway company was interested in the idea.

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