Appeal for sightings of alleged burglars

Noel Karora
Noel Karora
Police have issued a further appeal for more information on two men allegedly involved in the burglary of Arrowtown's New Orleans Hotel.

Noel Karora and Paul Tipene (both 36) are also sought in relation to a string of burglaries in Otago, Dunedin and Southland areas in recent weeks.

About $4000 was allegedly stolen from New Orleans Hotel on Friday, August 22.

Paul Tipene
Paul Tipene
Police warned that Karora and Tipene were prolific ''shoulder surfers'' - where an offender watches a person input their eftpos pin and then steals the card while they are distracted.

Police say the pair have been targeting unsuspecting elderly victims in the past few weeks.

The pair are believed to be using three vehicles - a green 1994 Nissan Skyline (registration number ASR626), a silver 1994 Subaru Legacy saloon (UW3039) and a blue 2001 Subaru Legacy saloon (FLD676).

''They've been staying in motels and hotels in the Southern area,'' Detective Sergeant Stuart Harvey said.

''Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Karora or Tipene should make contact with their nearest police station, or call 111 if they see them.''


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