Book in for fundraising sale

Photo by Christina McDonald.
Photo by Christina McDonald.

Tomorrow's entrepreneurs are organising their business ideas of today and the ideas will become a reality at St Joseph's School's major fundraiser - the annual book sale.

Together with the second-hand book profits, the pupils hope to raise $25,000 towards the redevelopment of the school's playground and senior camp to Wellington in October.

Pictured are year 7-8 pupils Nazih Wallace (11), Kloe Vermeir (11) and Lucy Ward (12).

Aside from the book sale, senior pupils will be running fundraising stalls.

This year's stalls included a gingerbread raffle, and funky hair stall where customers can have their hair temporarily coloured and styled and Nazih said the a chocolate wheel would feature.

• The book sale is on Sunday, May 18 from 10am-2pm at St Joseph's School on Beetham St.

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