Continuing pain not so bad as gains kick in

Otago Daily Times Queenstown bureau chief Tracey Roxburgh is undertaking the 12-week Revive programme at Alpine Health and Fitness. In her series of diary entries she documents the highs, lows, aches and pains associated with getting into shape.

Dear Diary ...

Saturday, October 13

Tried a stretch class today, Diary.

Thought it would be nice, relaxing end to very busy week.

Did not bank on having to try contorting into various painful positions and hold them for lengthy periods.

One stretch had something to do with pigeons. Am not avid bird watcher, but have never seen pigeon in that position.

This evening went to beautiful friend Lou's '80s-themed birthday party.

First time ever have attended dress-up party, looking like numpty, completely sober.

Had a couple of sniffs of wine, Diary (smelled wonderful!), but resisted urge (and peer pressure) to gulp it down.

Sunday, October 14

Last day of class challenge week, round one.

Survived relatively unscathed.

Was actually grateful attended stretch class as was, miraculously, pain-free today.

Finished week off with pump class. Even put weights up smidgen. Go me!

Monday, October 15

Week four begins.

Haylee says provided have behaved myself (seriously, halo is actually glistening) should now be burning fat non-stop.

Nice news to start week.

Celebrated fat funeral by hitting Haylee.

Things took rapid turn for worse when suddenly I didn't feel quite right.

After a few minutes with head between knees Haylee told me problem was when I hit her, I forgot to breathe. Whoopsie.

Immediately after removing boxing gloves noticed arms and hands were having trouble obeying directions from brain.

Arms and hands continued being obstinate all day.

Getting dressed was torture, holding anything smaller than drink bottle took immense concentration and tying hair up was impossible ... as was writing anything down.

Later discovered some SPECTACULAR bruising on my wrist ... turns out wristwatch + boxing gloves = bad idea.

Also my wee mum read last week's entry, Diary.

She is worried people will think I am alcoholic.

Believe having been on wagon for 22 days, wee mum's fears totally unfounded!

Tuesday, October 16

Can't straighten hands, or form fists properly.

Typing and writing causes much pain ... not ideal given occupation.

Further, hands were not target area for toning.

Upper back muscles ouchy, so getting dressed took Herculean effort this morning.

As did getting up from couch this evening given hands don't like being put under pressure.

Adopted rolling disembarkment method.

On up side, four people today told me they believe fat is starting to disappear ... think possibly jeans have just become baggy due to frequent wearing.

Decided had earned day of rest. Felt guilty. Will make up for it tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17

Believe fat may be beginning mass evacuation given today's discovery my, um, "girls" have shrunk. Not sure am happy about this.

Am also definitely getting fitter.

Haylee made me row for almost 30 minutes this morning.

At the end was not on verge of collapse.

Then went for wee "yog" on treadmill (physio Dougal says am allowed to now).

Managed to yog for 90 seconds at a time - huge improvement.

Attended RPM class and despite two hours of physical exertion pre-breakfast did not need to assume fetal position.

Was even excited to walk up Tobin's Track tonight with fellow Blue Team members ...

excitement evaporated at speed of light when Haylee told us we were taking alternate route.

Required walk along Millennium Track to area directly below Tobin's summit.

And a 40-minute nigh-on vertical climb up goat track.

Struggled to admire view, given altitude sickness made everything look a bit wobbly.

Moments after thinking "Suck it up, you never have to do this again", Haylee told me should do it every week. Thought did not fill me with joy.

Later celebrated reaching summit by consuming lovely juice, made with lovely juicer bought by lovely boyfriend (do you think he felt guilty about cheesecakes incident, Diary?).

Thursday, October 18

Fellow Blue Teamer Margot Berryman and I deserve gold medals.

We were on board TSS Earnslaw's re-enactment cruise ... and spent five hours confronted with cakes, lamingtons, cheeses, quiches, bacon-and-egg pie and delicious-looking buns, not to mention alcohol.

Margot ate a banana. I ate nuts and berries. When I ate grapes, Margot ate nuts and berries.

Shining examples of self control.

Celebrated resolve with evening walk along part of new Queenstown Trail - doesn't even feel like exercising with such pretty scenery, Diary.

Friday, October 19

Week four is almost over already ... days are whipping by.

Today, gluteus maximus region sore - am thrilled!).

Do, however, have ginormous blister on heel. Am upset by this as is very ouchy and not improved by unscheduled trek on Gibbston Trail today - in high heels.

While huffing and puffing thought about progress. Has now been 25 days since alcoholic beverage has passed lips.

Believe this is longest stretch on wagon since coming of age.

Surprisingly, haven't really missed it.

Muscles starting to work properly - on Sunday managed 16 semi-push-ups on toes (have yet to develop strength for full push-ups).

Am no longer walking like cowboy or geisha due to sore muscles (blister causing slightly gammy walk), RPM pants starting to fit better - they no longer cut off circulation to lower limbs when I lean forward to grasp handlebars.

Also, bottom has adapted to tiny RPM bike seats (of this am VERY grateful).

Have not had bad sleep, or my usual host of bizarre dreams, in a month - kind of miss dreams though; they were always very entertaining to analyse.

Hope these factors combined means army of fat cells which had taken up residence in my body have now worked out they are no longer welcome ... bring on week five!

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