Cool time caged in Queenstown

Hannah Allan (17), Asami Takizawa (17), Rowan Biggs (17) and Sergio Alves (18) in the minutes...
Hannah Allan (17), Asami Takizawa (17), Rowan Biggs (17) and Sergio Alves (18) in the minutes before they were released from their cage. Photo by Christina McDonald.
The frost on parts of Frankton Rd, in Queenstown, does not disappear even during daylight hours at this time of year in Queenstown.

So spare a thought for the four Wakatipu High School pupils who spent 40 straight hours outdoors in the Queenstown Mall with nothing but a cage to separate them from the resort's nightlife.

Every year, senior pupils at the school carry on the tradition of camping out for 40 hours, only going out for toilet breaks, and refraining from eating to raise money for the world's less fortunate.

The cage stint of Hannah Allan, Asami Takizawa, Rowan Biggs and Sergio Alves coincided with the onset of winter in the alpine town.

Rowan said she heard the temperature was -5degC on Friday night but ''it didn't feel like it''.

Sergio said it had been an ''interesting'' corner to spend 40 hours. Hannah said it was a strange experience being locked up with everyone partying around them.

Their 40 hours raised $1000 as part of the 40 Hour Famine.

Rowan said it was a ''once in a lifetime experience''.

''I wouldn't do it again but I'm glad I did it.''

The pupils were released from the cage at 10.30pm yesterday.


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