QAC misleading public, Remarkables Park says

Alastair Porter
Alastair Porter
Remarkables Park Ltd is accusing the Queenstown Airport Corporation of misleading the public over a land battle between the organisations.

A statement was issued last night by Remarkables Park director Alastair Porter, who claimed the Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) had fed ''unbalanced'' information to the media and public forums in respect of its need to acquire land he owned.

Mr Porter said his company, as well as Air New Zealand, had provided the Environment Court with ''extensive'' evidence about why QAC did not require land known as Lot 6.

The Environment Court was considering whether QAC needed the land, and was expected to make a decision soon.

This week Queenstown Airport chief executive Scott Paterson said it was ''critical'' QAC acquired Lot 6 for terminal expansion, driven by substantial passenger growth.

Scott Paterson
Scott Paterson
But Mr Porter said QAC would not negotiate with his company about the land, and he would defend his ownership of it.

''QAC already owns more than adequate land to the north for its expansion, which it gained as part of a `good faith' contractual land exchange with our group in 1998.

''This was completed on the basis that each party would not again oppose the development of the others' land,'' he said.


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