Rezoning plan lacks feedback

Only 10% of neighbouring landowners have given feedback on the Queenstown Lakes District Council's proposed rezoning of 13ha of land as ''town centre''.

If approved, the rezoning will provide a planning framework for the council's proposed convention centre and enlarge the resort's CBD.

Council spokeswoman Michele Poole said that of 301 landowners and 84 leaseholders contacted by the council by letter or email, 39 responded by the July 30 deadline.

The feedback was part of the council's ''informal preconsultation'', and would be taken into consideration while the proposed rezoning was being finalised, Ms Poole said.

Initiated by the council on July 16, the proposed rezoning will define a convention centre within the district plan, enable about 6500sq m of retail and commercial space, and allow for other uses such as high-density residential development, visitor accommodation and public recreation space.

As well as the Lakeview site earmarked for a convention centre, the rezoning covers two blocks of privately owned land bordered by Isle St - at present zoned high density residential - between Lakeview and the existing CBD.

Ms Poole said a summary of the 39 responses would be placed on the council's website once they had been analysed.

Letters were also being delivered to the occupiers of 69 houses owned by non-resident ratepayers, and to people occupying cabins within the Lakeview site.

They had until the end of next week to provide feedback.

Formal public consultation on the plan change would take place after it was formally notified, which was expected by the end of next month.

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