Tour promotes Kiwi cuisine

Sachie's Kitchen television host Sachie Nomura (left) with social media personality Marischka...
Sachie's Kitchen television host Sachie Nomura (left) with social media personality Marischka Prudence at Rata in Queenstown last week. Photo supplied.
A group of high-profile Indonesian journalists and travel industry executives dined at two Queenstown restaurants on Friday as part of a ''gourmet tour of New Zealand'', which may assist in tapping the ''culinary travel'' market.

The group was hosted by Sachie's Kitchen television show host Sachie Nomura and included social media personality Marischka Prudence.

In Queenstown the group dined at Rata Restaurant and Madam Woo, both owned by Michelin chef Josh Emett.

The aim of the tour was to boost New Zealand's profile as a food destination in the tourism market of Indonesia.

At present, there are 13,600 Indonesian arrivals a year at Auckland International Airport. It is hoped to grow that to 38,900 by 2020.

Restaurant Association of New Zealand chief executive Marisa Bidois saw a significant potential for growth in the culinary tourism market.

''New Zealand has a diverse range of dining destinations available for the discerning tourist to enjoy truly unique and memorable dining experiences.

''Initiatives such as the Sachie's Kitchen Gourmet Tour are instrumental in building New Zealand's reputation as the ultimate culinary destination.''

Nomura said the tour was a natural extension of the Sachie's Kitchen brand.

''I've always wanted to be a bridge between the East and West.

''I arrived in New Zealand from Japan 17 years ago and I love showing Kiwis how easy it is to cook eastern food.

''This gourmet tour crosses back, letting Asian people know how wonderful and fresh New Zealand food is.''

Nomura said Asian tourists were given an ''insider's guide'' to New Zealand food through the tour, from fine dining restaurants to ''the best place to get a burger or pie''.

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