'UFO' reported above Queenstown

Someone or something came out of a plane on Sunday afternoon over Queenstown and landed on Earth, and an international paranormal website is reporting it was two UFOs.

The "witness'' was on board a tour boat on Lake Wakatipu when they noted a plane overhead which appeared "to be not really going anywhere''.

"I focused my camera on to the plane, then noticed that it had ejected what appeared to be a shining round object,'' the account posted on globalparanormal.com said.

The witness said they were the only person in the tour group of around 25 watching the sky, as the others were focused intently on the lake tour.

"The objects took their time, initially forming a triangular shape, then occasionally mingling together, but always with the white glowing orb in the top position.''

The witness took photos and the site boasts a slide show of the photos in sequence, with one shot appearing with the caption: "No matter how much I changed the focus, these objects remained `blurry' ... as if of not solid mass''.

However, Nzone Skydive confirmed the plane in the photos looks like one of theirs and the deposited objects look to be a tandem skydive couple freefalling at over 200kmh with a drogue attached, which is the white mass seen at the top.

The drogue slows the skydivers down to the camera flyer's speed and controls their freefall.


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