Cops disappointed at boozy behaviour in Queenstown

A Queenstown police sergeant is disappointed the "flavour" in the resort over the weekend was "intoxication".

A former Queenstown man, now living in Christchurch, was allegedly caught more than four times over the legal drinking limit early yesterday in the resort.

Sergeant Bridget Martin said the 23-year-old was pulled over by police at 12.50am and blew 1023mcg -- the limit is 250mcg.

He was allegedly seen speeding along Frankton Rd at about 90kmh -- the limit is 70kmh. 

The man will appear in the Queenstown District Court for drink driving.

"The flavour's just intoxication and as a community what are we really doing about it?" Sgt Martin said.

A 19-year-old woman from the United Kingdom also blew 737mcg while driving a rental car on Sydney St at 2am on Sunday.

An hour and a-half later police were called to a house in central Queenstown after an allegedly drunk woman wrongly entered the house believing it was her own.

The UK woman was taken to her actual house by police and was "very apologetic".

Sgt Martin said even though it appeared to be an "innocent" thing to do, there had been times in the past when the outcome had not been as good in the same situation. 


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