Decision over floating bar's status appealed

Perky's Bar at its Queenstown Bay mooring. Photo: Guy Williams
Perky's Bar at its Queenstown Bay mooring. Photo: Guy Williams
To be a conveyance or not to be a conveyance, that was the question.

It was also the basis of an unusual hearing of the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (Arla) in Queenstown yesterday.

It was concerned with the on-licence for Perky's, a floating bar and coffee shop in Queenstown Bay.

Queenstown Lakes district licensing inspector Sian Swinney was appealing a decision by the district's licensing committee last November to describe Perky's as a "conveyance" rather than a "premises".

The business, owned by Max, Wayne and Betty Perkins, operates on a boat, Million Dollar 1, which is permanently moored at a jetty on the resort's waterfront.

Ms Swinney's counsel, Alastair Sherriff, said his client had no problem with the committee renewing the on-licence for another three years.

There had been no objections to the bar's renewal application from the public, police or Ministry of Health, Mr Sherriff said.

However, the decision to describe the boat as a conveyance had prompted the committee to add a new condition to the on-licence: the boat had to leave the jetty and travel on the lake four times a year.

Mr Sherriff said the committee did not have the power to impose such a condition, and his client wanted Arla to clarify the issue by concluding the boat was a "premises" and modifying the on-licence accordingly.

Arla chairman Judge Kevin Kelly reserved his decision.

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