Dozens have say on drink-ban changes

The aftermath of Crate Day 2016 on Queenstown's Village Green. PHOTO: PHILIP CHANDLER
The aftermath of Crate Day 2016 on Queenstown's Village Green. PHOTO: PHILIP CHANDLER
Nearly 40 people have had their say on proposed bylaw changes that would effectively ban "Crate Day'' in Queenstown.

Queenstown Lakes District Council staff have proposed changes that would ban drinking outdoors in the district's town centres and some other public areas on "National Crate Day (or any other similar event or promotion)''.

Drinking at licensed premises and at home would still be allowed.

It also proposes extending the existing year-round 10pm-8am drinking ban in streets and other public areas by two hours, beginning instead at 8pm.

Crate Day is a nationwide drinking day in December, which began as a promotion by The Rock radio station.

Submissions on the proposal closed on Sunday. The council confirmed it received 39 submissions.

The bylaw is due for review at a council hearing on September 14.

A council spokesman said the submissions would be available to the public at least two days prior.

Last year, the council used its powers under the existing bylaw to ban public drinking in certain areas for 48 hours surrounding Crate Day.



So we are to ban the earned privileges of the responsible many, because of the mistakes of the adolescent few?

Don't forget that to become old and wise you must first be young and stupid.

My kids do stupid things all the time. They have the benefit of being forgiven and learning from it.

I have been stupid many times and still am by expressing my views via private media website instead of with Council. ;)

So be careful in gradually removing our sandpits to be stupid. Particularly when it comes to young people learning about alcohol and socially acceptable behaviors.

Because you only get one chance to make a stupid mistake when you are old and wise.

When did I become so mature, my god!