Many migrant workers seek assistance

More than 5000 people have contacted the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s emergency operations centre requesting welfare assistance.

In a statement, Mayor Jim Boult said those people included migrant workers who were not eligible for financial support through national channels, living under lockdown with no form of income, but still required to pay rent and bills and purchase food.

The scale of the challenge was unprecedented.

"It’s almost too big to comprehend, but at the council we are rolling our sleeves up and doing everything we can to support our community," he said.

He had spoken to central Government to emphasise the importance of supporting migrant workers, who would be "essential" to economic recovery.

"They are the baristas, chefs, shop assistants and cleaners that power our economic engine... but more importantly they are a part of our community."

Duty controller Tony Avery said the welfare team had more than 60 volunteers who made about 400 calls each day to those who had registered for support, and was liaising with local agencies.



What's wrong with their employers taking care of them? If their not then home they should go. Tourism is dead anyway so...