Mitre 10 makes application for Glenda Dr site

Mitre 10 is seeking consent to develop two sites at Glenda Dr because of what it says are ''severe limitations'' at its location in Remarkables Park in Frankton.

The land is owned by H and J Smith Ltd, the parent company of subsidiary companies, including the Mitre 10 at Remarkables Park. One section of land is vacant and the other has a single-level building and a few shipping containers.

''The proposal is to add a new extension which will be located directly behind the existing building on lot 15. The building will be for trade retail sales only,'' the company says in its application.

Lot 14 would be used to store stacks of wood and for 13 car parks.

''The proposed use of the site for retail trade activities, which mainly involves the sale of timber for building purposes, is better suited to an industrial location, such as the application site, rather than having trucks and other large vehicles carrying large goods such as timber, in a town centre.''


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