Plunket in need of volunteers

Volunteers are desperately needed to keep Arrowtown Plunket running.

Although the organisation recently acquired a new committee member, it lost two others.

President Mel Greenfield said the centre was a sub-branch of Queenstown Plunket, and it meant Arrowtown parents did not have to travel far to access the many facilities, groups and support.

Mrs Greenfield said Arrowtown Plunket was "not yet" in danger of dissolving but it could happen "if the committee members continued to leave without replacement".

Every week the centre hosted activities such as an arts and crafts morning "which is well utilised", a movement and music session, visits from a Plunket nurse and breast-feeding workshops every fourth Wednesday.

A Plunket appeal for funds was held annually and various other fundraisers helped keep the centre operational.

Arrowtown Plunket was established in 1993 and the threat of closing because of lack of volunteers and committee members has been ongoing in recent years.

In April, Mrs Greenfield told the Queenstown Times that committee numbers were the lowest they had been and appealed for volunteers.

In 2008, the Otago Daily Times reported a lack of members threatened to close the organisation and in an attempt to attract new members, crisis flyers had been distributed around Arrowtown village.

While families liked using the facilities, it was difficult getting people to volunteer their time, she said.

People were busy, often with children.

It was difficult to find committee members, as well as volunteers, Mrs Greenfield said.

"We never push it; we only ask as much as they are able to do."

Some days eight or more parents used Arrowtown Plunket's programmes or facilities.

At present there were six committee members. The optimal number was 10 which would even out the workload.

"Many hands make light work," Mrs Greenfield said.

"We will just sort of chug along like we have been for the past year."

Anyone wishing to volunteer can call Mel Greenfield on (03) 442-1511.




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