Seeking a ‘Victor’ and ‘Robert’

Remarkable Theatre’s vice-president Melanie Grindell is on the hunt for two ‘‘middle aged-ish’’...
Remarkable Theatre’s vice-president Melanie Grindell is on the hunt for two ‘‘middle aged-ish’’ men. PHOTO: ARCHIVE
Wanted. One ‘Victor’ and a ‘Robert’. Added bonus, you’ve already got ‘wives’.

Remarkable Theatre recently held auditions for its major show of the year, A Relatively Uneventful Evening, to be staged at Arrowtown’s Athenaeum Hall in September, but they’ve found themselves two blokes short.

Vice-president Melanie Grindell says they had a great turnout to the auditions and the majority of the cast have been confirmed, but they still need to find two "middle aged-ish" men to fill the last two parts.

Robert’s described as a "sub-par police analyst" who’s always wanted to be a detective, and the fact he’s not actually a cop’s a sensitive topic.

Victor, meantime, is a wealthy businessman, whose wife has never forgiven him for an affair with his secretary — he’s also acutely aware others know about said affair and is worried they might find out about one other "meaningless night" with another woman.

Remarkable Theatre’s take on George Arthur’s play, running from September 5-14, is being directed by Wānaka’s Jay Simon, who’s also a stage and screen actor.

The play tells the story of a group of highly-dysfunctional friends invited to a dinner party one evening to celebrate the publication of a romantic novel, written by Eleanor.

There are various disagreements, a sudden death, and thwarted efforts to hide the body during what is, by all accounts, a relatively uneventful night.

Grindell says with rehearsals scheduled to start next week, they’d like to meet their ‘Victor’ and ‘Robert’ as soon as possible, even if they don’t have much experience on stage.

"Sometimes I find there are probably some fantastic actors out there and they just don’t know.

"They just need somebody to say, ‘you know what? You’d be great at being on the stage’.

"Jay, our director, is going to be able to bring out the best of everyone, so if you don’t have a heap of experience, it’s not necessarily a barrier."

Anyone interested can contact Remarkable Theatre president Chris MacKenzie by email — info@remarkable


The cast so far ...

  • Eleanor: Janey Bytheway
  • Addison: Victoria Mills
  • Kim: Dana Hamilton
  • Geoffrey: David Cantwell
  • Sinclair: Freddy Okyere
  • Amanda: Sophie Timmermans-Delves
  • Mary: Virginia Borick