Woman found comatose in public toilets

A woman found comatose in public toilets in the Queenstown CBD early on Sunday provided a timely reminder for people to look after their friends, police say.

The 27-year-old was found by members of the public and police in the Athol Street toilets at 4am.

``She hadn't locked it [the door] because obviously she wasn't in a state to,'' Sergeant Kate Pirovano, of Queenstown, said.

It was fortunate the woman hadn't been found by ``the wrong person'' or someone with ill intent.

``When people are out drinking, look after your mates,'' she said.

``Make sure you know where they are, wait for them if they're going to use toilets, keep in touch.

``Just don't go off with other random people without letting your friends know who you're with and where you are.''

Police are concerned for the welfare of a young woman who was found in the middle of Frankton Rd with an unknown man and a bloody nose about midnight on Saturday.

Sgt Pirovano said a member of the public observed the male and female standing in the middle of the road, about 150m from the intersection of Goldfield Heights.

The male motorist stopped and the blonde woman, aged between 20 and 25-years, initially sought help from him.

``The male took off [and] the female eventually left, not wanting any help.

``We're just concerned about her wellbeing and [ask] anyone who knows who that could be to get in touch with police.

``If anyone has any concerns their friends have been assaulted by a male, get in touch with police or other help agencies, like Jigsaw Central Lakes,'' she said.

Also on Saturday, a 27-year-old woman, who was glassed in the face in Queenstown, received a 4cm cut and needed stitches.

Sgt Pirovano said the incident happened about midnight after an unknown person threw the glass at her.

The suspect had long, straight, black hair, was of thin build and about 177cm tall.

The person had a ``long face'' and one stretched earlobe and was wearing a white top with a black jacket.

Police are also urging Shotover Country residents to be vigilant about securing their property after a car was reportedly stolen, and then returned, over the weekend.

A resident in the subdivision between Arrowtown and Frankton reported the incident to police about noon on Sunday.

``A person at an address in Shotover Country discovered that their vehicle, a 1992 silver Honda, had been taken overnight ... [and] brought back because the petrol was low.''

There was a ``lot of tree material and grass'' in and around the wheels, indicating it had been used to do ``donuts somewhere''.

The keys were not in the vehicle at the time it was allegedly taken, she said.

``Shotover Country has got a great information network ... [we would] just encourage people to be vigilant and know their neighbours and know what's going on in their community.

``We'd like to put a stop to this behaviour early.

``Unlawful taking numbers have gone up [recently] - it's something we are seeking the public's help on all the time.''

Inquiries are continuing in the resort after a 71-year-old woman allegedly hit four pedestrians in Queenstown on Saturday. Sgt Pirovano said the incident happened near the Crowne Plaza, on Beach St, about 4pm.

The victims were taken to hospital with ``varying injuries'', she said.


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