Basketball League season under way

Basketball League season is under way for the Clutha Filipino Society Inc.

Members celebrated with their opening games at the South Otago High School gym on Saturday last week.

Eight teams have entered the league this season and players are looking forward to seeing how they will perform throughout the season. Filipinos, Kiwis and Samoans are in the teams.

The winner of the first game of the season were the Barnego Boys (67), who beat team Nikuya (37).

The second game winner was Airballers (101), who beat Team Cromer (60).

Players recognised from the opening games were Ashton Navarosa (Airballers) and Charles Kenneth Mendoza (Barnego Boys), who stood out among others.

People are welcome to come along to watch the games each Saturday at 6.30pm in the South Otago High School gymnasium, apart from this weekend as they are celebrating the Day of Valour.