Clinton keeps it simple

Clinton School 150th Jubilee committee member Colin Corbett (left) and chairman Sean Williams are...
Clinton School 150th Jubilee committee member Colin Corbett (left) and chairman Sean Williams are inviting former pupils, teachers and others associated with the school to celebrate its sesquicentennial anniversary in November. PHOTO: RICHARD DAVISON
In keeping with the district’s rural character, organisers of the Clinton School 150th jubilee say they are planning a "plain and simple" celebration this coming spring.

Jubilee committee chairman Sean Williams said the 70-pupil full primary school and local community hall would play host to the event, which would take place on November 15-16.

Registrations would take place on the Friday, during a "meet and greet" at the Clinton Community Centre.

On Saturday at 10.30am, visitors will be welcomed at the school by current pupils, following which year-group photos would be taken.

Mr Williams said chances for nostalgia would abound during the event, which would include a chance to "hop on the bus" for former pupils.

"On the Saturday afternoon, after lunch, we’ve got some buses to take visitors along the school runs of yesteryear, Taumata-Wairuna and Kuriwao.

"There’ll be a chance for people to cast an eye over the old patch and share some memories."

Further anecdotes were likely to be shared during the event’s evening finale, he said.

"During the evening we’re keeping it simple again, because we’ve found during past events that works best.

"We’ll have dinner at the community centre, and invite various speakers to share their memories and any tales from their time at school. Everyone will be welcome to participate.

"It worked really well for the 140th, where one story would lead to another, and so on. You don’t really need a formal speaker."

As the event was not taking place over a long weekend, there would be no organised farewell on Sunday, Mr Williams said.

Although the jubilee celebrated the founding of Clinton Primary School on its current site in 1874, it doubled as a celebration for all the area’s former schools, he said.

"We had Slopedown, Kuriwao, Popotunoa, Taumata and Wairuna at various points in time. Everyone’s welcome."

Mr Williams said the committee was seeking scans of vintage photographs and photos of other memorabilia to display on a slideshow during the event.

These could be sent to, and registrations made at