Coastal subdivision granted consent

A proposal to establish an 11-dwelling subdivision at a seaside spot near Milton long favoured by ''cribbies'', has been granted resource consent by the Clutha District Council, despite the majority of submitters opposing the development.

The resource consent granted by the Clutha District Council to Moyvane Sea View Ltd, allows 10 houses and imposes some height restrictions.

Moyvane Sea View is owned by Peter and Katie O'Connor, of Kingston Crossing, Southland, and Fairfield Trustees Ltd.

The proposed subdivision covers about 34.5ha on the northern side of Bull Creek, between Russell Rd and the sea. The lots range in size from 0.7ha to 5.9ha. The remaining lot of 0.7ha is for the creation of a road.

Bull Creek is a small settlement about 15km east of Milton, on the South Otago coast. It is home to only nine permanent residents, including the family which farms the area.

The proposed subdivision is next to the settlement and farm.

The owners of about 42 cribs hold 35-year lease agreements with landowner Gwen Lane. Mrs Lane and her late husband, Powell Lane, bought the 148ha sheep farm - including the 4ha on which the cribs stand - in 1956.

Thirty submissions were made to the council on the proposal, with 27 opposed, two neutral, and one in support.

Concerns about effluent and wastewater disposal were raised by several submitters, who felt it could affect Bull Creek and the nearby swimming areas.

Speaking on behalf of the Moanariri Crib Owners Association at a consent hearing in Milton last month, John Taal said the group opposed unnecessary development in the coastal area.

The association was concerned about the precedent effect and the impact development could have on vegetation and wildlife. Members considered the existing settlement to have ''well-defined boundaries'', he said.

The latest crib at Bull Creek was built in the 1960s.

Peter O'Connor said he was delighted the proposed development had been granted consent, and said it had considerable input from many interested parties, including the Clutha District Council, the Department of Conservation, the Bull Creek Crib community and neighbours since lodging its application.

Mr O'Connor, the developer, said that as a result of submissions, they had an improved plan which included the removal of a house site, height restrictions, some building site modifications and added planting requirements.

The changes would ''ultimately enhance'' the overall design, which included four sea-front sections with outstanding views along the coast and six bush sections, most of which had coastal views, he said.

Submitters and Moyvane Sea View have until January 25 to lodge appeals.


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