No-go alert after floodwaters knockout bridge section

A 50m section of bridge over the Mataura River was knocked out by floodwaters and washed downstream yesterday.

Pyramid Bridge, which crosses the Mataura River near Riversdale, collapsed after  a large amount of debris built up above it because of high water flow after the heavy rainfall.

The Gore District Council yesterday urged people to stay away from the river and any structures in the path of the debris.

Council roading and three waters teams were on site dealing with motorists and people in the area, and  working on the water supply for residents and livestock on the Otama rural water supply scheme.

The main pipe for the Otama scheme, which was attached to the bridge, was  swept away, and the council planned to bring in a tanker to provide clean drinking water.

There were 253 connections to the scheme for stock and household water.

Riversdale-Pyramid Rd at the bridge had been flooded and hay bales were used to block traffic.

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