Shadbolt prefers rough to smooth

Believing it would take nitroglycerine to remove all the wrinkles on his face caused by his trademark grin, Tim Shadbolt said his first experience with botox was likely to be his last.

The Invercargill mayor received two botox injections near his eyes after volunteering for an extreme makeover competition organised by a local beauty clinic.

"It was excruciatingly painful, and luckily they gave me a rubber ball to squeeze while getting it."

...and after. Photo by Envious Photography.
...and after. Photo by Envious Photography.
The 61-year-old said it was the first time he had received the cosmetic treatment, as "I prefer to grow old gracefully".

"I am not one of those metrosexuals. I don't use creams or anything like that," he said.

Smiling and laughing had caused his face to wrinkle over the years but the wrinkles added character to his face, he said.

Known for his trademark grin, Mr Shadbolt said the beauty consultants did not go near his mouth, instead focusing on softening the lines around his eyes.

"It would take nitroglycerine to get rid of all my wrinkles," he said.

In addition to the botox injections, Mr Shadbolt was given laser treatment on his skin, a new haircut and colour as well as a casual new look.

"I am not sure about the casual clothes - a collar and tie that is the uniform of a mayor. Some of these smart casual clothes are more expensive than suits."

Beauty and Beyond owner Nicole Carter, who organised the competition, said Mr Shadbolt was a reluctant participant but the treatment had made him look years younger.

"I think with his new look people will see him as the man rather than the mayor."

The botox softened Mr Shadbolt's "cheesy grin", which over the years had caused his wrinkles to become more pronounced, she said.

Mr Shadbolt's new look was revealed in front of an audience of 300 at the Extreme Makeover Big Reveal Party held at the Ascot Hotel, Invercargill, yesterday.

Mr Shadbolt joined four local women who had received beauty treatments over several months before the "big reveal".

Money raised from the event goes towards the charity Look Good Feel Better, which is a free service designed to help women with cancer offset appearance-related changes from treatment. Mr Shadbolt said he had been wearing the changes on his face for more than a month but no-one had commented on his new appearance.

"But I have had quite a few comments about my trendy new haircut."


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