Waste changes, rates increase in the wind

Ian Pottinger
Ian Pottinger
A big change to the way Invercargill City Council deals with the city’s waste could be on the horizon — with a possible increase to ratepayers.

A report to the ICC infrastructure and services committee detailed that if WasteNet was unable to continue a full Southland service for recycling processing, and if ICC was to seek to continue the current contract alone, the rate increase would be about $69.15 per property.

That contract ends on June 30.

If ICC chose to send all recyclables directly to the landfill without processing, the cost per property for kerbside recycling and rubbish collection service would decrease to about $163.56 per annum.

For the WasteNet councils the cost of processing recyclables is about $1.9 million a year. Sending recyclables directly to landfill would be about $1.2 million a year.

Committee chairman Ian Pottinger held back the recommendation that ‘‘ICC work through the process proposed by WasteNet before making decisions about future recycling services.’’

He said special consultation would be required should they send recycling to landfill directly, and they were not given enough information.

‘‘Rather than leap into this I want to talk to WasteNet and find out more about the process and bring it back to the committee’s April meeting.’’


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