Cardboard chaos converges on lake

It was sink and swim as cardboard chaos converged on Lake Wanaka.

The annual Kahu Youth Amazing Cardboard Boat Race took place on Saturday with cardboard boats of all shapes and sizes.

Five vessels attempted to race around a buoy 20m from shore, as the crowd lining the shore and the wharf cheered them on.

Among those doing the rounds are Josh Russell, 11, and Lachie Stevens, 9 (obscured).

Highly engineered designs did not guarantee success but neither did the simple approach — competitors getting wet to varying degrees.

Steering in the right direction also proved a challenge, as did staying upright, but the grins from the competitors showed it did not matter.

Kahu Youth operations director Anna Sutherland said the event was always a highlight for the community.

"This year has been its 13th year running and it’s just wholesome fun where you get to make your own cardboard boat.

"We have absolutely outrageous, creative, ridiculous boats and they race them in the lake just for a laugh, fun and some really cool prizes," she said.

The race was an opportunity for young people to get creative and have some fun in the water, she said.