Designs to reflect character of area

An idea of what the Mt Cardrona Station village centre could look like has been outlined in the...
An idea of what the Mt Cardrona Station village centre could look like has been outlined in the village’s design guideline. Image: Mt Cardrona Station Ltd
The distinct history and landscape of the Cardrona Valley will be reflected in the designs throughout the planned new village at Mt Cardrona Station.

A design theme for the proposed new village at the station has been outlined in a design guide, which was submitted as part of the Mt Cardrona Station special zone plan change.

Independent commissioners are still considering plan change 52 which would allow the construction of a 12-hole golf course and up to 1000 visitor and residential accommodation units to be built about 2km north of the Cardrona township.

Mt Cardrona Station Ltd is owned by Auckland-based property investor and developer Chris Morton.

Mr Morton said there was not much he could say while the plan change was still being considered, but he was happy with the progress being made. Behind-the-scenes planning work was still being done, he said.

"We’ve submitted our final reply and you’ll see there’s not much disagreement between us and the council, so we’re pretty confident."

The design guide set out  guidelines on building design which included elements such as roof form, orientation and landscaping. Natural materials would be used where possible and building would be designed to reflect the traditional architecture of the area. A section is also dedicated to how subdivisions should be set out.

The guide also sets out the "vision" for the village. Parts of the vision included enhancing Cardrona’s distinct local identity, reflecting past land uses, creating a world-class links golf course and making the village an attractive destination to live or to visit.

Developers would use the guidelines when designing the subdivisions and buildings within the village.

The 79-page document also provided guidance on the design of lampposts and public benches as well as suitable trees.

The guidelines were to be read in conjunction with the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s district plan, which set out the objectives, policies, rules and assessment matters for the Mt Cardrona Special Zone.

A hearing on the plan change was held in July and  since then commissioners Ross McRobie, Jan Caunter and Rachel Dimery had raised  concerns about the plan change, particularly some traffic management conditions.

A right of reply was submitted to the council last week, by Mt Cardrona Station’s lawyers Rosie Hill and Warrick Goldsmith, addressing  concerns raised by the commissioners during and after the hearing.

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