Two-horsepower outfit can move mountains

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Three-times  New Zealand horsedrawn ploughing champions Sean Leslie and Kaye Walker, of  Middlemarch, guide their Clydesdale horses, Nugget (left) and Anna  at Johns Creek near  Lake Hawea on Saturday.

Twelve experienced ploughing competitors testing  the  local pastures were well satisfied with the silty, rock-free loam they worked —  and with the view from their tractor cabs, according to organiser John Osborne.

He plans to use feedback from the competition to help promote a Hawea Flat bid to host the world ploughing championships in 2028 at the site overlooking Lake Hawea.

The Hawea Flat group has until November next year to prepare its proposal to host the event.

Mr Osborne said as well as the horse team, competitors on Saturday used farm, reversible, classic, vintage and two-furrow ploughs.


Nothing can beat a pair (or more) of elegant Clydesdales. Absolutely Magnificent. Had I'd known about the completion, I'd have attended.