Trust to focus on funding necessities

A flag of concern has been flown at the latest Mataura Licensing Trust (MLT) meeting.

In the current economic state, the trust has began to feel the financial pinch lately, just like many other organisations.

At its November meeting, board president Horace McAuley said members needed to look at how much they were recommending to be granted.

"We have to be more careful now, that we’re not reacting to a wishlist", Mr McAuley said.

Many things that were applied for were necessary to do, he said.

"We have to be conscious of people saying ‘oh, why don’t we get one of these, and get one of them’ — the applicants have to feel the pinch as well."

The word "wishlist" had been emphasised.

A discussion regarding the statement followed from board members.

Member Vince Aynsley said he had his concerns.

"At some point, we’ve got to stop giving people every cent," Mr Aynsley said.

Member Jeannine Cunningham said consistency was key in her decision-making process.

"When I look at these, I always like to be fair," Mrs Cunningham said.

Knowledge of what had been done in similar cases needed to be taken into consideration, she said.

Grants recommended at the meeting included $30,000 to the Tapanui Golf Club for a new irrigation system, $24,729 to the Mataura Rugby Football Club for the upgrade of the field lights at Tulloch Park, $5000 to the Wyndham Golf Club for the purchase of a replacement sprayer and $5000 to the Pukerau reserve and community centre for a repaint of the hall and indoor sports equipment.

The cost of the Tapanui Golf Club’s new irrigation system was priced at $194,312.

Board member Marc Robertson asked how the club would fund the remainder of the money.

Mr McAuley said the club had some money.

"Obviously it’s something they’re not going to do all in one go ... it’s quite a big project."

The club hosted Otago matches among other tournaments.