Boxing: Cameron makes weight; faces second date with scales

Confirmation Shane Cameron had made the weight limit for his IBO cruiserweight title bout came with just one word at the Crown Casino in Melbourne this afternoon.

"Okay," said IBO official Phil Austin, when the ripped-looking Cameron stepped on the scales.

Cameron's weight won't be made public until a second weigh-in today at 8pm.

"All I can say is as far as the IBO is concerned a cruiserweight fight will take place," Austin said.

That left open for interpretation whether Cameron had in fact made the "Dannyweight" limit of 89kg imposed by the Green camp.

Cameron said he had weighed in at that mark exactly. He slammed the second 'official' weigh in as a blatant attempt by Green to force him to fast and deny him fluids for the entire day before the fight.

"That's just how Green does it - he's trying to starve me a bit longer," Cameron said. "That's all I can put it down to. Otherwise we could just cut it off here and be done."

Green's gamesmanship extended to bragging about his hearty breakfast.

"I've had pancakes, orange juice, bananas, coffee - I'm pretty cool," Green said.

Cameron insisted dropping below the regular cruiserweight limit of 90.7 hadn't done any harm.

"It feels good. I am ready for this fight. I'm definitely going to win. If I land a good one on Danny it is going to be a long night for him."

While Cameron smiled slightly at the face off, Green stared stone-faced but produced the "hang loose" hand symbol popular with surfers.

"I think his prediction is incorrect," Green said. "What am I going to say, 'I think he is going to win too'?"

Green is seeking to bounce back from two knockout defeats in his last three fights.

His last fight was a fifth-round stoppage of well-performed American veteran Danny Santiago in July. But prior to that he suffered back-to-back knockout losses to WBC champion Krzystof Wlodarzyk and classy veteran Antonio Tarver.

Cameron's last outing was a career-reviving knockout of American heavyweight Monte Barrett in July.

"Let's see what you got, big boy," was Green's parting shot before the hostilities begin in earnest tomorrow night.

- By Steve Deane of the NZ Herald


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