Cricket: Indians to use Dunedin technology

Siliconcoach marketing intern Daniel Thomas shows his cricketing skills, monitored by company...
Siliconcoach marketing intern Daniel Thomas shows his cricketing skills, monitored by company manager Graeme Burborough. Photo by Gregor Richardson.
Dunedin sports video analysis company Siliconcoach has sold its cricket analysis system to India, the world's largest and most passionate cricket market.

The technology, which uses video and computer software to help players improve their technique and physical performance, will be available to coaches and players in the country's 27 state sides and seven affiliate associations.

Siliconcoach's manager, Graeme Burborough, said it had previously been used by India's high performance academies and by teams in the IPL twenty/20 competition.

The latest negotiations with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) took 12 months to complete.

"It has been very, very hard but now we have the potential to push it out into a broader audience," he said.

On a recent visit he was told that in the state of Tamil Nadu alone there were 80,000 league players.

In the city of Chennai, cricket was played in 500 schools.

The country has 10,000 private cricket academies, he said.

Mr Burborough said Siliconcoach, founded in 1997, provided an analysis of an athlete's technique, which could be monitored over time, and it had the ability to analyse fast or complex movement.

It was now used by all eight test playing nations and in 50 other sports including rugby, tennis, gymnastics, badminton, surfing and skeleton racing.

Sports academies, including the New Zealand Academy of Sport, Sport Scotland and the Australian Institute of Sport, also used it, along with some of the world's largest sporting brands, including Nike, New Balance, Specialized Bikes and the United Kingdom sporting goods chain, Sweatshop Running Shoes.


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